Today’s agenda… the basics of jewellery wearing. 

Never have the basics of fashion seemed more important than now. While we all feel reluctant to update our wardrobes while still slowly edging out of lockdown a few simple jewellery tricks can totally transform an old outfit, giving a new look, whether it’s for a zoom call, walk with a friend and eventually the holy grail of a night out. 

Dressing up your wrists

So, we’ve had gold bracelets, silver bracelets, stacked and layered bracelets, all amazingly wearable and perfect for a variety of occasions. 

My advice is to find a style that makes you feel good and continue to build from that. 

If you love gold, try layering some chunky gold bracelets with a cuff or bangles. Start with the smaller bracelets nearer the hand,

placing the larger ones further up the arm. 

While gold seems to be the most desired trend at the moment, silver lovers can easily update their look by adding one statement gold bracelet to a stack of silver bracelets. 

A personal favourite if you’re looking for durability and something sustainable is our ever-popular resin designs.

All of the Big Metal resin is made from the left products of glass frame makers and 50% of the brass used is recycled. It’s something we’ve worked really hard at over the last few years to achieve and we’re very proud of it. So not only will you look good, but you will feel good too.

It’s all about the necklaces 

Never was a sentence more fitting. Adding a necklace to any outfit is my personal favourite way of injecting glamour or making a style statement.  Current trends mean that necklace wearing is more popular than ever, especially layering and mixing different materials and textures. There is currently no right or wrong way to wear your necklace, everything goes! One look that keeps reoccurring with our customers is the layering of chunky gold necklaces. Make this an everyday wearable look by using different lengths and thickness of chains

Again if you’re a silver lover simply update your look by adding one gold chain to your normal silver style. 

Necklaces with pendants are huge and another personal favourite.

They can easily update a look and can be added to necklaces you already wear for the layered look.

Our pendants and charms have the advantage of being attached directly to a clasp that allows you to remove them from one necklace and attached to another.

This is the ultimate in personal style, as there is no end to the combinations that one charm necklace could give you. 

A few style ideas that I’ve seen and loved are a white shirt with a single chunky chain necklace. This is a prefect look a for a work zoom call and the office eventually.

Chunky knits look stylish when worn with our Demi-fine crystal jewellery. I’m especially keen on the pendants worn over roll neck jumpers.

Great for the school run or your daily walk! 

Earrings are the new must-have!

Earrings are simply huge at the moment, whether is because of all the zoom calls where earrings have never been more on view or because we know they’ll look good during and after lockdown who knows!

Micro hoops are the perfect everyday go to for all ages and styles.

Understated, classic and even wearable during a workout, we see this as a style that is here to stay. 

We’ve also noticed people embracing our Demi-fine range of earrings that work particularly well on screen, something that is more and more important with the rapidly increasing amount of time some of us seem to spend on zoom calls, FaceTime etc. All of our Demi-fine range add a touch of luxe and make a statement. All stones are hand cut and with colours ranging from emerald green to pastel shades it’s hard not to find what you’re looking for.

Last but definitely not least, our ever-expanding resin range is proving to be the surprise hit of the year. We don’t know if it’s because the range offers simplicity, style and the opportunity to wear something with a unique colour palette or because they’re the most sustainable earrings we’ve made to date. Below are the latest earrings in our resin range but more can be found on our retail site. 

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